About Us

Why we exist

At Education Through Animation (ETA), we believe you can grow your mindset and abilities to achieve your learning goals. We take the stress out of learning so you’ll stick with it until you can say… “I’ve Got This!”

CEO and Founder

Mike Rix

How we help

The way we facilitate learning and growth is through the creation of unique Apps. Our Apps are designed to make the brain wake up and take notice. They star animated characters who are bright, amusing and energetic, making the experience as entertaining as an animated feature film.

The unique learning experience involves:

  • Teaching of the concepts using animation and growth mindset language.
  • Practicing the new skills.
  • Coaching through mistakes to grow abilities and mindset.
  • Recognition and reward for achievement of learning goals.

The above combination results in high engagement levels and learning outcomes.

Who we help

Our target audience are primary or elementary school students. People who missed the opportunity to learn the Times Tables and Number Sense at this age would also find the Apps helpful for gaining this knowledge and skill set.