"Times Tables made Easy"

Learn to multiply in a few fun-filled hours

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"Times Tables made Easy"

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5 Star Rating - 94 out of 100

All of the teaching and learning content is crystal clear on the screen and full of animations. Numbers and visual aids give children something concrete to latch on to as they learn.


The App does more than teach the Times Tables. It also teaches the patterns and logic behind the calculations as well as the different strategies that can be applied.

Catriona - Parent

Our unique Apps facilitate learning and growth. They're designed to make the brain wake up and take notice. They star animated characters who are amusing, energetic, and teach in a way that's easy to understand.

Students throughout the world have begun to grow their mindset and abilities with Education Through Animation. You can too!

Meet the Cast

The App stars 13 animated animals who are bright, energetic and amusing. They each have unique personalities, traits and accents.

The Cast

Sean the Snake

Tony the Toucan

Noah the Numbat

Mike the Monkey

Ruby the Rabbit

Luke the Lion

Grace the Giraffe

Kylie the Kangaroo

Bianca the Beagle

Paris the Panda

Dylan the Dragon

Fiona the Frog

Vic the Vulture